Our Model

Noa applies a holistic view on value creation. We operate a hands-on operational approach to our portfolio and strategic guidance to build long-term, successful and sustainable businesses.
Noa approaches direct investing by targeting companies where through our ecosystem we can deliver a real market advantage by a hands-on value-add approach.

Noa is an early investor in Clinova, a leading consumer healthcare Company. A healthcare business built to understand customer needs, with effective physical products and technology.

Noa has supported Clinova growth aspirations in the Middle-East by opening new markets across the Gulf through Joint Venture Partners, securing strategic investors, record breaking contracts, Talent and Board Members.

Clinova has been working successfully with Noa capital for over 5 years. We have found Noa Capital to be very professional, efficient and effective. They exceeded all our performance targets and are continuing to add value to business. Noa is one of the best MENA focused investment firms for the quality of service and delivering results in a timely manner

Charles Ebubedike
Noa approaches investing in fund managers to be strategic. We invest in emerging sector-focused teams that have a unique value-add approach to their thematic strategies and we support their growth.

Anthemis is the most active fintech investor globally with an aim to cultivate change in the financial system.

Noa is a group shareholder and has supported Anthemis in bringing strategic shareholders, limited partners across various products. Anthemis Portfolio Companies have benefited from Noa in scaling to the Middle-East and deep investor network and knowledge of the region.

Noa and their investors have co-invested in multiple co-investments with Anthemis.

When embarking on building our relationships in the Middle East, Anthemis needed a trusted advisor who could provide high level strategic advice as well as specific investor connectivity across the region. Ahmed and the team at Noa Capital did an excellent job and continue to provide us with outstanding service and meaningful results. They know the region incredibly well and have a deep network of relationships with influential investors who trust them

Gavin Holland